Musical Beds.

Little D is so obsessed with sneaking in our bed at night. He's always crept in around 5:30 or 6:00 but lately, he has been coming in earlier and earlier. And he's crafty. First he starts on Bennett's side- he is really quite obsessed with sleeping next to, or ON, his dad. But when his dad inevitably kicks him out- he goes to the bathroom, sometimes even goes back to his bedroom, and then he sneaks back in, but on my side. Here are just a few pics I've captured in the last day or two.

Davis is a hot rock. So it's damn near impossible to sleep with him, unless you a) put a pillow as a spacer between the two of you, or b) are like Bennett, and can sleep through most anything. So last night, Bennett kicked him out, he was bummed out and instead of deciding to go back to bed, he went downstairs to snack on some Cheez Its. So Bennett went to retrieve him, and while he did that, Holden came and stole Bennett's spot. OY VEY. Needless to say, I'm tired today. But I think it's sweet how much Davis loves to snuggle.