Worn Out.

We had an amazing shoot in LA last week- I will be so proud to share it with you when it comes in late July. But I came back Friday feeling really worn out. I asked Davis, is there ever a time when we won't feel so tired? He looked at me and said "Not with our jobs." And I'm sort of starting to feel that fatigue. We have a busy summer ahead. And the thing I am looking forward to next is that Bennett left for Park City, Utah today for work, and we are going to meet him out there Thursday. He is staying at a great resort- so the kids and I will probably swim Thursday afternoon and then he will join us when he finishes work that day. We'll probably pal around Park City Thursday night and Friday and then Saturday, we're driving to Salt Lake, to stay with my old pal, Jeanne Crockett.

Jeanne was an amazing mentor and a great friend to me for a good six years in Austin. She has had a great impact on my life and career and I think about her very often. So really- when Bennett was hearing that he had a trip to Utah- he knew I would want to go see Jeanne. It was super sweet of him to think of it. :-) The kids will think it's fun too. So I'm super looking forward to that. 

Anyway- last week while I was gone, Davis didn't have Kids Club and Holden and Elsa had Vacation Bible School together, so Katelyn helped out for a few days which was awesome. They got to sleep late and go swimming, and I'm sure/hopeful it felt like summer. :-)


More later! Happy Tuesday...it's 9:45 and I have hours more work to do. Not sure how I will cram five days of work into three this week, but I have to, because I'm out most of next week too- for work. ZOINKS.