Success and Sickness.

We had the BEST party on Friday night. The house looked great, the food was incredible, the drinks were flowing (two margaritas, one named: Chubby Girl and the other named: Mexican Slut) and the people were SO fun. 

People here are so nice. And there is such state pride. Almost every single person brought us a house warming gift, and 99.9% of them were Minnesota things. And with each Minnesota things (think towels, cutting boards, art work) were notes that said something like "Minnesota is so lucky to have you..." and I thought so much about this because...lets be honest...this wouldn't happen many other places. I mean, it certainly wouldn't happen in Texas. In Texas people would be like "Yeah- of course you moved to Texas." or "Oh great, one more person moving to Texas." But here, no one really moves here, and so people are so happy, thankful and even flattered, when you choose to live in their state. It's adorable.

I'll say it again. Texas is my home, but person for person, the Midwest has the best people. 

Anyway- the party was a hit- even though Holden came home with a fever at 3:00 on Friday. She has strep again. And guess what- you can't even get your tonsils out in Minnesota unless you've had strep SIX times in one calendar year. SIX. Good Lord. So, little tiny was super sick this weekend, but today she is feeling better. Luckily, we have found a babysitter, through her school, that subs while getting her masters, and she happened to be open today to keep Holden so I could go to work and she could have one more day at home. She cried when I left- but I just got these pictures from Katelyn and she seems to be doing GREAT!

Looks like a dang photo shoot! :-) Happy Monday.