Mail Day!

Davis and Holden were pleased as punch to see that they each got a letter in the mail today! We opened them after breakfast, and I read Davis' first. It was from my grandpa and it said something like "Davis- you are #1 in my book. I love you Ace!" And he said "What's an Ace?" So I said something like "It means you are just awesome and number one and great at things..." and he got a big smile on his face.

Then I looked at Holden and said "And there is one for you!" She looked at me and said "I bet it's going to say that I am very sweet!" HA! No lack of confidence or self perception there. 

They were also very pleased to receive a TWO DOLLAR BILL! Davis looked at me and said "That's the last one in the world, you know!" 

So proud. Thank you grandpa! You made our day!

Speaking of money- Davis also earned some quarters from the tooth fairy last week after he lost his first tooth! He came home from school one day, saying his tooth was loose, and he had pulled it out by 8:30 PM. He was so proud of himself and Holden kept tousling his hair and rubbing his head saying "Good for you, Davis! Get those baby teeth outta there!" I don't know where she got that- but it made me laugh.

FIERCE! And the scrape on his chin is from when he ran up the stairs the other day, tripped, and damn near busted his chin wide open. I've never heard him HOWL like that. What a bruiser.