Honey & Nikki

Honey and Nikki came to visit on Thursday and we had the best weekend together! We laughed, we cried, we got matching tattoos...okay we didn't really get matching tattoos but we did have a good time together. And I think they are still recovering from the circus that is our daily life. HA. 

Here are a few pictures to recap the best weekend ever...

Funny faces while getting hair cuts in preparation for their visit. Can't be looking like scrubs when Honey and Nikki come to town.

This is my friend Carmen- she and I ran the 5K race together this weekend while Nikki and Davis ran the 10K. It was my first race. Very fun- but the best part was laughing through breakfast afterwards. :-)

We shopped...we mulched...the house looks so much better since they came and gave pointers and also helped us out in doing so much work. Again- I'm not sure it felt like vacation to them- but we are thankful.

We tried to hang a light...after three hours that thing still doesn't work. BLECH.

The girls got their nails done together!

We had dinner together!

We bowled!

We made silly faces...

And overall, we just had a great time. So thankful for my gals. They are the best.