Mini Minne House Tour.

I am back at work today- after the most fun weekend ever. And I have so much to post- but I will start in chronological order. I took a few pictures of the house before my girlfriends came- because it was clean and I haven't really taken the time to post anything yet. So I figured I would share those before I get into the weekend details of both Minne and Texas.

So here you go...

The living room- taken from just inside the front door. One of the best things about this house is all the windows. It's BEAUTIFUL with all the natural light streaming in. In this area- the main changes we made were painting the walls and the trim. That made a huge difference.

If you walk around the living room- you find yourself looking out the back window from the dining room. So many windows. :-)

And if you walk even further- you are in the kitchen! We did a lot of work in here- it's kind of a weird shape so it was interesting. The range was where the sink was, and visa versa, so we moved the range over, took out a window above it, and put in a vent hood. We also re-did the countertops, the backsplash, and we painted all the cabinets. There are amazing sky lights above the kitchen- so there is always sunlight.

And then you have done a full circle and have the choice to go back to the living room- or up the stairs. The first door on the right is the kids/guest bathroom. We removed all the carpet on the upstairs floor- and it is a beautiful wood now that matches the main floor wood. We lucked out there- the wood was perfectly cared for and ready to be sealed. In the bathroom, we re-painted the cabinets, replaced the countertops, sink and lighting and of course, put in the fun wallpaper. :-)

And then if you go back into the hall, and across the hall, you will end up in Holden's room. We probably did the least in her room - simply painted the walls, trim, ceiling and built-in bookcases. I used the same color paint we had in the last two of her rooms. I just love it- and it feels like her.


Then if you walk back out into the hall and a bit further down- you can go left into Davis' room. And of all the wallpapers I looked at, and the three that I chose, the one in Davis' room is my favorite.

And then a few steps further- is the master bedroom- where the magic happens. ;-) ;-)

Kind of crappy lighting here- Davis yanked too hard on the light switch cord and now we are left to use that little lamp next to the bed. But the walls are a kind of green/blue/peacock color. 

This is the master bathroom. Still need to replace the handles on the cabinets- but they are all a funky size- which makes it hard...

And those are the main two floors. It's a modified split level- so there is also a laundry room downstairs, and then you go down another set of stairs and there is a finished basement with a guest room. I'll make that part two of the mini minne house tour.