I'm So Excited!

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but SIX of my closest girlfriends from Austin (and one from Dallas) are coming into town on Saturday. Can you even believe that? I sort of never thought it would happen- we are really bad at planning and getting things together- everyone is so busy or someone has a newborn or something like that. BUT- Carrie came up with the idea and it is actually happening. 

I was supposed to be in New York this week- but I had to reschedule because our agency partners are coming into town from New York tomorrow...also because I secretly wanted to not go because I have so much to do to prep for my girlfriends coming. 

So, they get here on Saturday afternoon and I will probably have to take two trips to the airport to get them, and then I'm thinking we'll drop stuff off at the house and either pop over to some breweries or have drinks at the house, and then we have reservations at a cute little restaurant in town that night - if we feel in the mood.

Then I'm thinking I will take them out either for dancing or karaoke- at the "Gay 90s" dance club or "The Otter" karaoke bar. Last time I went to the Otter I ended up slow dancing with a homeless man in a Vikings jersey that I felt sad for...never a dull moment.


Then we will UBER home- for safety, of course- and the next day I have both a FANCY brunch planned- one of the best chefs in the city, who is also nationally recognized, opened a new restaurant here about a year ago and it has taken me that long to get a reservation, so we have a reservation there (it's called Spoon & Stable) for brunch. But if we are feeling that it's too shee-shee for our tired bods after a night of dancing and karaoke, then the back-up plan is Betty Danger's Country Club where you can sip bloody mary's on a ferris wheel.


Then Sunday I imagine we'll shop or go walk one of the lakes or drink on a patio all day...and then Sunday night, we have reservations at the best little Italian restaurant in town, Bar La Grassa, where all the pasta is homemade in the authentic style.

Then Monday, we have the day to do whatever we haven't already done- shop, be outside, drink all day on a patio somewhere...and then Monday night is the crown event. BEYONCE.

And then everyone flies out on Tuesday and I will probably spend the day in bed, recovering. And all of this is happening without any boys or children in my house. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH! It's hard to tell, but I might be coming up on the best weekend of my life. 

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