Sweet Davis.

I'm usually talking about how Holden is so easy and Davis can be so difficult...but this week, oh Holden girl, you have been a big pain in the butt. She has been so sassy and whiny, I simply cannot take it. And sweet Davis, on the other hand, he's caved when she is throwing a fit, he's tried to give her hugs and kisses, he's shared, and he's even said "Holden, take a deep breath. Where is my nice girl?" HA. 

So this post is to my sweet Davis, who made me the sweetest Mother's Day card (which I received today) and who has been my sweet little side kick while Bennett is out of town and Holden is being a pill. 

We went to dinner last night at Which Wich- their favorite sandwich shop- and I got this sweet picture of Davis. Holden wouldn't look at the camera because she was in such a bad mood. 

I'll post a picture of his sweet card later. He is such a little sweetheart to me. He climbs into bed each night while Bennett is gone and he snuggles and then in the morning he says "Good morning Mama. We're so cozy..."

I love him. I love Holden too. But this week, oh Lord, give me strength with that little sassy pants.