Just the Three of Us.

Bennett was out of town this weekend, so the beans and I had a fun weekend together. Friday night, Kelley, Elsa and baby Jack came over for dinner and that was a blast. Then Saturday night Sarah and the Ohme boys came over for dinner and playtime, and then Sunday, we went bowling with my teen mom, Martha, and her daughter Destiny. 

We had a lot of fun, but I am ready for Bennett to come home. Mama needs a break. :-)

We also went on a walk in our new neighborhood on Sunday because it was nice out. And I really LOVE our neighborhood. We walked by a million beautiful homes, and then walked down to a creek to play. It reminded me of growing up in Sioux Falls.

Sometimes you smack yourself in the head with a stick!

And then bowling! The kids were so sweet to Martha and Destiny- it made me very happy.

Happy Tuesday!