Holden Update.

So one thing I didn't mention at the time our jerk of a nanny quit without giving any notice was that for a while I had really been struggling with whether or not to put Holden back in school full time in the fall. And it seems early to think about that- but I actually had to make the decision back in February- they have quite the waiting list. So, anyway, I signed her up for fall full-time, but in my mind, I was constantly going back and forth about whether or not that was the right thing to do. I know, from Davis going, that the pre-k experience is great, and I know that Holden loves kids and enjoys school. But I also know that she gets sick a lot. And that it's her last year to be home before she HAS to go to school full-time. And I thought, at the time, that I had secured an incredible nanny.

So long story short- the decision was constantly weighing on me- and I often prayed that God would make it clear what should happen. 

And now, three weeks after that time our jerk of a nanny quit without giving any notice, I am able to see very clearly that God DID make it very clear what should happen. And this morning on my drive to work I told him Thank You. 

Holden is really loving school. Though she had a few mornings where the drop off was hard, I can see that she is happy and as dorky as it sounds, really blossoming. She was happy before- I think Holden is always happy- but now, she's really growing. And I can see that very clearly- in a way I didn't expect. 

She will point to things and say "that ladybug is a living thing. but that pole is not, mama." And she will recognize letters and talk about them, and tell me what she learned about plants. And she is always telling me about her silly friends at school- most of which are boys. One day she will say that Oliver is her best friend, and that they giggle and laugh because they say things to each other like "You are STINKING ME OUT OF HERE!!!" and then she erupts into a thousand giggles. And the next day she will say "Today, Spencer is my special friend, and we were hunting lions on the playground." OH, and she LOVES having breakfast and lunch at school. I'm sure they give her so many more options than she has at home. :-)

So it's a really good, no great, thing that she is back at school. 

And really, Davis is doing incredibly well at school too. He cannot get to school fast enough, and he gives me a bit of a scowl when I get there in the middle of a dodge ball game at the end of the day. He high fives the janitor, he chats up the "Graders" (this is what he calls anyone that is not in kindergarten), and he looks at the staff/teachers from Kids Club, throws up his hand for a high five and says "Don't leave me hanging, Tim!" He just loves his school.

So anyway- I'm super thankful they are thriving and doing so well at school. Makes all the difference in the world.