I am training for a race, end of April. Not a long race, but a race nonetheless. And I posted about it on social media and a few of my friends said they wanted to join me, so now I really feel on the hook to get my rump in gear for it. so...last night I went running, because another thing I miss is running, and being and feeling in shape.

So I put my leggings on, my fleece, my earbuds in my ear, and I just went. And a few blocks out I realized that it was kind of cold. I figured if I kept running I would warm up, but the longer I ran, the more I realized my hands were still quite cold. So I looked at my phone and it was 35 degrees. Almost freezing. Mid-April. 

But in most ways, it felt great. Even though I felt like a Clydesdale. Ha.

Anyway- I ran and I listened to great music and occasionally I took a picture of a house that my mom would like. Sort of blurry, but:

I feel like this *might* be Honey's dream home. Modern and crisp and white, but clearly some traditional stylings, like the pillars and dormers. My mom LOVES a good dormer. Too bad that dumb fire hydrant is smack in the middle of their front yard. I bet they are so annoyed.

And then I really liked the orange door and chairs on the front porch on this one- quite blurry- but you know, I was running. Very quickly. ;-)

And also- I got my house warming gift from my mom yesterday:

Sean built this little over the top table for my washer and dryer. So simple and smart, right? I saw it on Pinterest, pinned it, and then my mom offered to pay Sean to make one for me. Love it. :-)

Have a good day!