Lucky Kids.

I'm sure I'm biased, but I look at Holden and Davis' smiles and their life, day to day, and I think "Wow- you are some lucky kids." Sure, we are a thorn in their side trying to get them to do horrible things like eat decent meals, brush their teeth, go to bed, etc. But other than that- their life is sort of like a giant party. We don't spoil them- well i'm sure that is all relative- but we simply try to make each day fun. Here are some pictures to show you what I mean!

Holden chose this dress and necklace for her play date last week with Elsa. She was so thrilled to have them over. Jinhwa has done a great job of keeping up with their play dates- which Holden loves. J said that they were so sweet, it made her get teary-eyed, calling each other "My Holden" and "My Elsa"...

Holden is always Anna, and Elsa is always, well, Elsa.

Getting their nails done on Elsa's birthday while Davis and I were in Key West. This one is for you, grandpa! :-)

She looks just a little too comfortable here...maybe they are spoiled just a tiny bit. But they aren't rotten. That's where we draw the line. :-)

And Davis is having a good time too- this is a pic of him from Honey, also while we were in Key West. 

And this week is Spirit Week at his school so they have had a theme every day. Today is Wacky Wednesday, and who better to make him super wacky than his dad?! Davis was so proud of his look. He walked into Kids Club and just smiled and waited for everyone to admire him. It made me so happy.

Embracing his inner Wacky with a big nose flare smile. HA! What a fun day.