New Orleans.

I fell in love with New Orleans over the weekend. Not the vomit-stained, urine-smelling streets like bourbon or royal, necessarily, but the cute little pockets of restaurants and shops that mainly the locals seem to frequent. 

Let me just say that I wasn't really looking forward to the trip- sort of busy right now- and also felt guilty leaving the kids again so quickly after Key West...but it was all very well worth it. We had so much fun! SO MUCH FUN. 

Easily the coolest thing about the whole weekend was when a second line (band) marched the bride and groom (and everyone in attendance at the wedding) through the blocked off streets of the french quarter down to a fabulous historic hotel where we had cocktails around a rotating carousel bar, listening to jazz. Oh, it was so fun. I'll try to upload and embed the video of that later. In the meantime, here are a few pictures!

Davis, and his "little" cousin Logan. They are like brothers. SO handsome!

The bride and groom leading us all in the march!

Davis and I taking some second line selfies- while moving so as not to get run over by the parade. We had the best time! It was such a cool experience.

The cutest brunch spot on Magazine street...

Where we had bottomless bloody marys and crawfish eggs benedict.

Antoine's Restaurant- one of the very oldest restaurants in New Orleans. We had an amazing dinner there with Davis' family (including Niles!) on Saturday night.

The gang before we headed out on Sunday...

And a pic of the kids at the movie theater. They had a blast staying with Elsa's aunt, Jenny. They basically had an all weekend play date with Jenny and Elsa- and did everything from multiple park visits to the movie theater, to snuffy's, etc. 

Oh I'm having so much fun, sometimes I need to pinch myself. And then at the same time, I am also doing so much work, I need to slap myself to keep going! HA! Burning it at both ends.