Easter Weekend.

I was out of town last week, in San Francisco, or really, Silicon Valley for a few meetings. It was both interesting and surprisingly uninteresting, all at the same time. Meaning- I don't know that I ever felt I would be having meetings at the Apple headquarters, or with such big wigs at Intel, so I had this nervousness and excitement leading up to it, and even upon arrival. But when we got to each location and the meetings began, it felt really normal. They're just businesses. Made up of regular people. And so it was a great series of days, and I felt very accomplished, and also surprised by how it was not as overwhelming as I predicted it would be. Some things just surprise you.

And then I came back, and both Holden and Davis were sick. Holden was the sickest at first- running high fevers, Thursday through Saturday, and then on Saturday, Davis took a turn for the worst. We were supposed to take Martha and Destiny bowling, but everyone was too sick for that. So, today, after Davis sweat through his sheets last night, we took them both to the doctor and they both have strep throat. 

So it's been a long weekend, but as you will see in these pictures, we DID manage to have some fun. And we are LOVING our new house!!! It's coming together, little by little, and I will do a house post soon.

little sickie, in her underwear, on our new couch!!!

a sneak peek of our new kitchen and back splash tile. it's amazing. this picture stinks, but wanted you to have a little preview.

a little fever never slows down Holden's fashion sense.

snuggling at a cute little pizza place in our neighborhood on a rainy evening...

just DYYYYYIIIIINNNNGGGG to go find those easter eggs.

i hope they feel better tomorrow. and i hope they sleep well tonight. i'm not gonna lie- i hope i don't see them until tomorrow morning. :-) (Written Sunday night)