Moving is a Bitch.

I realize I might have a lot more in common with Hannah Horvath than originally believed, as I have been feeling as though I may or may not survive moving. Or the mess that is still in our house due to our contractor having a baby (PUH-lease) or the carpet not being installed (have I mentioned how much I hate Home Depot?) due to the fact that they showed up with the wrong carpet and then as it turns out hadn't even ordered our carpet, and now, a whole week later, they don't even have an update on when the carpet will come. Or be installed. I might be a bit dramatic, but it is also probably true that being unsettled is something that is VERY difficult for me. It's just the way God made me. ANYWAY- we worked like dogs from last Wednesday until Sunday night, but I am very happy with the way things are coming along. And don't worry- I will do many posts showing you all the details (before and after).

But today I will just post some fun pictures from the last few days with the beans.

FIRST NIGHT IN THE NEW HOUSE! Holden wanted to sleep over, but he eventually kicked her out, much to her dismay. And then she hardly slept all night because she wasn't "really sure about this house and she would rather go to her other house..." 

Soooo many pictures of Holden because 1) she will sit still and usually even pose for them and 2) Davis has hit the jackpot with our new neighborhood. He has already met a little gang of 4-5 buddies that pal around together. He is the youngest, so he thinks everything they do is super cool. He played with three of them all day Sunday and then begged to play with the 8 year old neighbor, Will last night. Coaching him on not stalking them is going to be intense. Kid is all or nothing. Just like his dad.

Enjoying the lamb cookies from Nikki! 

Nate and Sarah invited us over for dinner on Friday night- Sarah made manicotti and they gave us these sweet Minnesota housewarming gifts. I LOVE the pillow. I always thought Texas was the only state with so much swag- but really there is a lot of state pride here in the land of 10,000 lakes.

This picture is of Holden chatting with the doctor at her four year well check yesterday. She is between 30-40% for height, and 40-50% for weight. She passed all the hearing and visual tests with flying colors- and our next step is just to go visit an ENT to see if she needs tubes again or her adenoids removed- or if there is anything we can do to help her get sick less often. My goal is to have her back in full-time pre kindergarten this fall (it is such a good program and will really get her ready for kindergarten)- but she needs to be well more consistently first. 

So that's my update! Happy Tuesday. Headed to San Francisco tomorrow for some bizness meetings- back Thursday night.