So as it turns out, packing is the worst activity known to mankind. So tedious, so exhausting, and even if you pack all day, and purge all day, you still look around and there is more to be done. BLECH. I have more packing to do tonight and tomorrow before we move Thursday.

Did I mention that my contractors' wife went into labor a month early? On Friday? Or that Home Depot delivered the wrong carpet yesterday, and as it turns out, they haven't even ordered my carpet yet? BLECH. 1st world problems, I know...but still annoying. 

So to break up the day on Sunday, Holden and I went to the mall to return a few things, and she talked me into a ride on the carousel. 

Her face lit up with such joy when the carousel started to turn- my heart almost burst open and fell splat on the floor. She looked at me on the way back out to the car and said "Are you my happy girl?" Which is what I always say to her. And yes, I am her happy girl too. :-)