Last week was spirit week at Davis' school- so each day they wore special outfits and costumes and on Friday, the weekend ended with a carnival. The whole school was turned into a carnival with games and prizes and raffles. It was really well done and it was so fun. We talked about it all week and Holden was so excited to go to the CARNIBAL! She cannot wait to go to Davis' school.

Everything looks perfect in pictures, right? Well, lets be honest...I had to threaten them to get this smiley shot. I said "Stand together and look like you like each other or we're going home- and no more rides!" They snapped to.

Like I mentioned, I volunteered Davis to work the "Bear attack" themed booth- hence the bloody bandage on his neck. He really took it to a whole new level and I think until sweet Holden sat down with him, most children were afraid to approach his booth. HA!

We had a lot of fun Friday night. And then the rest of the weekend, we packed. Which is total and complete MISERY. BLECH. But we're getting there- I hope.