My grandpa used to always call us "Scallywags..." and I know that's not how its spelled but a) I don't care, it looks better to me and b) he probably would spell it this way too. Lets say that spelling does not make it on to the list of his finest features. Anyway- my first thought when I looked at this picture was "Scallywags."

They are getting so big- I can't even take it. I look at Davis and I see such a handsome little boy...and I look at Holden and wonder how my baby's 3T t-shirts are now crop tops.

Holden and I went to dinner the other night and I said "Holden. Are you so big?" Instead of answering, she just got up and stood like this. It makes me smile each time I look at it. 

Bennett is in Phoenix this week- so tonight after I put the kids to bed, I am going to dinner with my friend, Maija. Tomorrow, the Ohme boys invited Davis over to play, so I will probably pack some things...and then I'm 90% sure we will have Sloane over Saturday evening. Davis can't even handle the excitement. 

I hope you have a good weekend! I can't believe this is SuperBowl weekend. Totally snuck up on me.