Say Hello to the World, Dad.

Davis and Holden are so funny. They are really such unique little people and I love seeing them become who they are. That sounds funny, but maybe you know what I mean. Davis always crawls into bed with us in the early morning. When he climbed in yesterday, Bennett was up early, getting ready for a work trip. Davis hazily said "Where are you going, daddy?" Bennett responded with "Miami." And then Davis said "Your-ami? What's Your-ami?" We giggled so hard, without trying to show it, and then Bennett said "Miami is in Florida, Davis."

He took a deep breath and just said "Say hello to the world, Dad" and rolled back over and went back to bed. HA!

And THIS is a picture of Holden wearing pants on her head to school the same day we had this exchange about Miami. What you don't see is that she also has a pair of (clean) underwear on her head underneath the pants- which she insisted on adding. 

She's my little free spirit. Have a great weekend!