Key West.

Key West was amazing. It was hot and beautiful and fabulous- and I am still sobering up and recovering from all the crazy festivities. Bennett planned such an amazing trip for everyone- each person had so much fun, you could just tell it was the best trip they have all been on together.

So here are a few pictures from that...and then I have to tell you two funny things from Davis and Holden.

So here is a confession- I have always thought the whole state of Florida was gross. But I LOVE Key West. It's so small, charming, beachy, yet clean, with really cool history and fabulous almost Louisiana style architecture. It's the best. I want to go again next year.

The last night we took a catamaran out to see the sunset. It was so much fun. Probably the highlight of the trip. And I saw both a sea turtle and the fin of a dolphin. The sea turtle was amazing.

Two of these things are not like the other. These are the amazingly talented drag queens we befriended...(that's Sarah Ohme in the front, if you are curious).

And then we met these amazing new best friends at a gay bar that night- and guess what?!?! They were/are from Minneapolis. What are the damn chances?

Our hotel room. Kind of like a damn frat house.

The whole gang, dancing the last night...and that is Nate Ohme lifting up his shirt. Being a goof ball. PS I danced so hard that my left knee is still the size of a grapefruit. #vacationinjuries

And a silly picture of Bennett and I! We had so much fun. Thank you Honey, to making it happen.

And actually I'm going to wait to tell you the Davis and Holden things until tomorrow. More content. CLIFFHANGER!!!