The kids love getting things in the mail- every time there is a card or a package they quickly ask/assume it is for them. So they, like I, are very disappointed when it's a bill or something like that. But recently- there was a special card in the mail and it was for Davis- and inside it was a two dollar bill from my grandpa. 

First of all, Davis saw money and was already thrilled, he is quite the consumer. Lets just put it that way. But when I explained how unique it was- he listened with his mouth hung open and went to hang it on a clipboard in his room. He is so proud of it and shows it to everyone that comes over. And the way he talks about it is like it's so old and unique- it's back from caveman time. It's a very rare artifact. He is quite proud to be the owner. It was very sweet of my grandpa and made me feel like a million bucks.

So lets see- what can I catch you up on? Holden left school with a fever last week Thursday and yesterday was the first day the fever broke. Also, Meg's last day was Friday and Jinhwa started on Monday. JINHWA is amazing and everything I prayed for. She has this calm vibe about her, she is so fun, and she loves to sword fight and laugh with Davis. The kids ADORE her. And I like her too. I feel 100% certain that she was put in our life for a reason and I think she will become a little extension of our family - which is fun. She sends me all sorts of videos of things she is doing with Holden each day- she comes up with activities and curriculum- and she helps around the house without any prompting. It's just perfectly easy as it should be.

And I had been thinking about putting Holden back in school full time in the fall...for a few reasons: to prep for kindergarten, to save some monies, and because really Meg was not as good as school would have been for Holden. But now I'm re-thinking that decision and might keep her at two days a week at school because 1) I would have missed Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of work as Bennett was out of town and she was sick. PLUS- she was sick for three days last month too. PLUS, Jinhwa is amazing. PLUS, I really only have one more year until kindergarten so I should probably just ride it out, right?

Anyway- I feel so at ease with Jinhwa (or "J") as they are calling her. It's great.

This weekend we are having dinner with the Ohmes for the boys' birthdays, then tomorrow they have a birthday party at Pump it Up, and while they do that, Bennett and I will go get paint samples and look at sinks and fixtures. Then Sunday, Sarah and I are getting our nails done for Key West. Then Monday we close on our house! YAHOO! And then Tuesday my mom is coming (I CANNOT WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE FOR THIS) and we are going to go to dinner and go bowling...then Tuesday I work (gotta fit that in somewhere) and then Wednesday we go to Key West for 5 days with Davis' work team. But he and I are going a day early to get a little time to ourselves. 


PS: Grandpa, Davis and Sloane played out in the snow- they had a snowball fight, they made brownies, and they also pretended to be lions- their favorite thing to do together. :-)