We had the most fun really is nice not to parent alone, and it's super fun to laugh a lot, and to enjoy great weather. Friday night we went over to the Ohmes- I drank too much wine- and was really hurting on Saturday morning. Saturday morning we drove to Elk River (who knows where that is) to meet with our contractor at a counter top place. It was really fun picking out new counter tops...except that I felt like I was dying. But anyway- it got me really excited about moving. 

Jinhwa was hanging out with the kids and it was sort of like a test run as she is going to begin nannying next week. So can you imagine the fear I experienced when Davis told me mid-trip to Elk River that he forgot to give D his ADHD meds? I almost started crying...I was thinking "All that work finding her and now she'll never come back!" And then of course we were calling her to ask her to give him the meds and she was too busy playing and having fun with them to I was prepared for the worst when I got home. 

Amazingly, everyone was smiling and she so calmly and sincerely told us what great kids we had. It was about 40 degrees out- which is like spring to us now- so they walked about half a mile to a park, played at the park and then walked home. Her feedback was literally "Oh Davis? Davis is great- if you just take a minute to hear what he is trying to tell you- or see what reaction he is trying to get from you..." WHAT? AMAZING. So she starts Monday and I couldn't be more excited. Holden was happy and Davis was calling her "J" by the end of the four hours. I am so relieved. 

Do you think it's a coincidence that I have been connected with two young women from Africa? Martha (my teen mom) and Jinhwa? I am sooo intrigued. 

Anyway- then Saturday night Bennett and I put the kids to bed and went to a movie- the Big Short. That was really fun, and then yesterday, it was SO nice outside so we went ice skating. It was a roller coaster of emotions- at least for Holden. She immediately started crying when she got on the ice, and she just refused to even try it. But when one of us went to take her inside for hot chocolate, she would also cry and say "I want to ice skate..." So after a great deal of effort- both kids were scooting around Centennial Lakes with relative ease. It was so much fun. I was horrible at it- but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Today is like Snowmageddon- we are expecting 6 inches of snow. Schools are closed- and it looks like a white-out outside.  It's kind of fun since we haven't had much snow this fact, this Sunday, we might go snow tubing at a nearby skiing place. :-)

Hope you are having a great (80 degree) day!