Christmas Cheer.

We just booked our tickets to Texas and we are SOOOOO excited! We've been trying to do a little Christmas something each and every day...whether listening to holiday songs or making Christmas cookies or looking at lights or whatever...

Here are some pics from our last few days of fun!

The kids were SO excited to have hot cocoa- especially with multi-color marshmallows. But as you can see by their faces- they were a little underwhelmed after the first taste. Holden said "This tastes like rotten chocolate..."

So we moved on to cookies...

Cookies 2.jpg

And I tried to make some stew over the weekend. Looks like it will turn out amazing, right? But it's just okay...and I have a lot of it...I do this new thing and I make a soup or stew every sunday, almost. I love it. 

Also, Holden and I had a "Who Wore it Best?" showdown at one of our many visits to the doctor this weekend.

And Holden drew a pretty great Christmas picture, also while waiting at the doctor.

So we're just full of Christmas cheer. And it's 20 degrees here- coldest day of the year so far...and Nikki gets here tomorrow. We are all so excited. It's a tricky thing- while I'm dying to go to Savannah, I also hate missing my sister's visit. Just glad I will get to spend more time with her in a few weeks.

Holly Jolly!