Joy of My Heart.

Seeing Davis thriving, seeing him smile and giggle and feel calm and confident is truly the joy of my heart. And I get to see a lot of it lately- in fact, this weekend I took him to gymnastics Saturday and then we ran a few errands and I laughed so hard, so many times. He's funny. He makes jokes, he pulls pranks, he gets subtle nuances of funny human situations...he's really enjoyable to be around. 

I made him get his hair cut on Saturday- he was long overdue...and I asked him if I could take his picture afterwards...and he was SO hysterical. Kind of trying to do this eye roll, side eye, cool guy look. And as I tried to capture that, I laughed so hard, and then he laughed so hard, and this is what I got:

D goofers.jpg

And then the money shot- where he looks like a dang sixteen year old.

He's just the best.