Holden has been sick and home from school from last Wednesday. And when I took her in on Thursday to see the doctor, they gave her a strep test, and it came back negative. And that was that. But she seemed to get worse over the next few I took her in again yesterday where she tested positive for influenza. Blech. So she has been sick and I can't help but think that it's going to be a domino effect from there- just because the flu is so contagious. But I've been popping airborne and drinking emergen-c like nobody's business to try to ward it off. 

H Sick 2.jpg

Doctor's visit one. Look at sweet Holden- even when she has the flu- she keeps a smile on her face and tries to have fun. She is such a little joy.

Chicken soup for the soul...

Doctor's visit #2. 

But don't feel too sad. We did have some fun this weekend too. We set up our manger that nanny and grandpa gave us. Holden calls it "God's Farm" which I LOVE. And she plays with it all the time and also adds characters like Rapunzel and Peppa Pig. Might be a little blasphemous, but how do you tell a four year old that? And it sort of makes me giggle to find a sparkly princess lady up in the manger scene with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Kind of perfect, actually.

And on Saturday, I got to spend a lot of time with little D, who is just quite the comedian these days. I need to get him into acting. He's really funny. And that is what my post will be tomorrow. 

Gotta run! Hope all is well with you.