We had a blast in Savannah- I think the only people that might have had more fun were Davis and Holden, with Nikki. But I will save that for another post. Today- we review the shenanigans of the Austin clan. We definitely made our mark on Savannah. Lets just say that place will never be the same and it's a good thing we got out of there after four days. 

Honestly one of the VERY BEST things was getting to spend time with Courtney and B. We miss them so much, all of the time, so it was great to get a random weekend together.


The boys acting cheesy at the bar. It was this AMAZING bar in the basement of "The Pink House" - where apparently slaves were held back in the day- which was totally creepy- but the bar and the house were absolutely fabulous looking. So much history- bad and good.


And then we made friends with the lounge singer/piano player.

And then because one of our buddies plays the piano- and all of us love to perform- we ended up taking over the bar with a booze-infused renditions of "Tiny Dancer" and "Piano Man". They ended up telling us the bar was closing- and then I overheard the manager saying "Diane- I had to tell them we were closing. Those people would have NEVER left..." which is probably true. It was only 11. They would have had us for at least three more hours.


The wedding itself was super formal. No cameras, no clapping, no nothing. It was a lovely church, very ornate and even austere. Then we headed to the reception- where we danced the night away.

AND the bride and groom singing karaoke. I did "Santa Baby" if you're curious- and it was a hit!