Oh Davis.

I will definitely write and post pictures about our weekend in Savannah- to sum it up until then- it was FUN and we had so much FUN we are still exhausted from it. 

Today, I have to capture a few things that Davis has said or thought that really tickle my funny bone or warm my heart. First...tonight we were lying in bed, talking, and I was asking him what he hoped Santa would bring him for Christmas...

He thought and then said "a karate chopper" and started doing silly karate moves, so I said "okay, okay, for real: what are you hoping santa brings you?" Again, he thought and said "Peppa Pig..." to which I said "No really, I'm wondering...what are you hoping Santa will bring you-" He interrupted me and said quite seriously "Peppa pig." So I paused for a minute and then said "You want a peppa pig for christmas? Okay, we'll tell him..."

Then he looked at me and said "No, I want it for my little friend..." and he paused, and I already knew exactly what he was going to say next. "My little friend, Freya...she loves Peppa Pig."

Have I talked about Freya here? I can't remember if I have mentioned her here, but she goes go school with Davis and I'm not sure if she is younger, or if she just looks younger and smaller, but she has down syndrome...so she is unique. And Davis is SO SWEET to her, it kills me. He asks her for high fives, he leans down to talk to her, he holds the door for her...it just kills me. And now he wants to get her a Peppa Pig.

So after I recovered from that moment- I then started talking about what we should do over Christmas break and I started talking about how fun it will be for Davis to play Uno with my grandpa. We grew up playing uno with my grandparents at their cabin...and it's so fun to see it all come full circle. Anyway- I was explaining my grandpa's history with Uno and how he would love to play with Davis and Holden and then...he paused, looked at me, and then said "Should I go easy on him? Or HARRRRD?" I died laughing.

So then we said our prayers and I said some things like "Thank you God for Davis' kind heart- how he cares about his friends and he looks out for those around him..." and then after the prayer was over, I said "Davis- you make me so proud. The way you treat people is so kind. And you know, there is nothing more important than how you treat people..." Insert silence (I was having a real heart-swelling mom moment just thinking about it) and then I said "You're going to do great things, Davis." And to my surprise, in a way that felt very sincere and wise beyond his years, he said "Yep, when I'm bigger mom, I'm going to do great things..."

And as tears welled in my eyes, he said: "WRESTLING FOR MONEY..."

BAHAHAHAHAHA. He kills me. 7 might be my favorite age.