Global Warming.

Well it is strangely warm here in Minnesota. In fact, the weather guy said yesterday that the weather was typical of a day in mid-September. There is no snow on the ground, and my kids are running around without jackets.

And it makes it a bit hard to feel like it's almost Christmas. Reminds me of living in Texas where I would play Christmas carols non-stop the whole month of December to get myself in the mood for the holidays. 

Now I'm not complaining- because I realize it could be like -20 by now- but I'm just saying. If you don't think global warming is real- come visit Minnesota. Poor polar bears.

So anyway- we're starting to think about Christmas now- and because we've left it so late- tickets to go to TX are outrageous. So we're thinking of selling our plasma or possibly driving to Texas. I'm not sure which is crazier. (Not really thinking of selling plasma- don't panic).

While it sounds sort of fun- thinking about 18 hours in the car with our kids might be the recipe for a total family meltdown. Bennett was like "It will be great- we'll make memories..." and then I reminded him of the four person blow out on the drive home from St. Cloud a few weekends ago. The 1 hour drive home from St. Cloud. So we'll see. I really want to go home- I'm ready to get out of here for a bit. 

Tonight I have a workout. Thursday I'm helping celebrate my friend Ellie's birthday (whom i used to see all the time and whom i haven't seen since like july), and then Friday we are all going over to Krissy and Patrick's house for dinner. That will be fun- they are always a good time.

But Bennett and I are home all week together- so that is always nice. We are going to get a Christmas tree this weekend and then Bennett is going to take pictures of the kids for Christmas cards- hopefully I can get that together this year. We'll see.

Hope you are in the Christmas spirit!