Catching Up.

my grandparents sent Davis $50 via check for his birthday- so he felt quite rich and quite fancy with his check. he was very intrigued and curious about how that check turns into cash. and because I can deposit it into my bank from my phone- it really is sort of magical- to a kid anyway.

so he got to pick out whatever toy(s) he wanted to spend that money on- and he pulled out all the stops. introducing: the mega nerf gun shooter.

and yes, when you put it together, it's certainly the same size and height as he is. he loves it and we are being pelted with nerf bullets left and right. 

we also had our first snow! it has already melted, but it was fun and really got us into the christmas spirit. bennett went out the next day and hung lights on our house and front tree. we agreed this year that we would try to decorate earlier so it doesn't feel like we are taking it down right after we put it up.

last weekend we went to the minnesota wild hockey game- it was so fun. we drove around downtown st. paul first and admired all the lights and then we ate dinner and caught most of the game against the colorado avalanche. it was the first time we have gone as a family of four- and all in all- it was pretty successful.

a rare moment of love at dinner. so sweet.

and then we've also been working to get little D equipped and ready for his first season of ski jammers. starting in january, four eight saturdays, he'll travel with coaches and a busload of children to local ski hills to learn to ski and ski around all day. he and brooks are doing it together, so i think they'll have fun. he is pretty proud of his gear.

And of course we've done some mundane things like grocery shopping...

And Honey got here Wednesday! We have had the best time- I'll share more pictures later- but it's really been fun. In addition to the fun we've had together- I was able to go with my friend Jackie today to get some stuff for my planters in front of my house. She has a little side business called Bloom and she does this for people every season. It was so much fun and I think it looks GREAT!

And tomorrow, my mom is taking the kids to a hotel to swim and stay overnight! OH MY LORD I cannot wait. :-) She offered to do it for fun and to give Bennett and I a chance to have a break and be in our house by ourselves for a bit. Unfortunately, Bennett had to go back to Texas for a funeral for a high school friend of ours- so it will be just me...but I think I will figure out how to enjoy myself. :-)

Hope you have had a great Thanksgiving!