Golden Girl.

Holden was in Rachel's wedding just over a week ago- and she did a lovely job. She took it very seriously and was just such a doll. She led the little flower girl down the aisle and told me at one point "Mom, if she doesn't want to walk down the aisle, I will just pick her up..." which left me a little nervous picturing her trying to hoist a meaty little two year old in a fluffy dress up on her hip whilst throwing roses, smiling and waving. Luckily- of the four kids in the wedding- all four walked down without incident. 

We had a great time and man you should have seen little Davis dance at the reception. Everyone was taking pictures of him and he just felt like a million bucks. He danced SO hard he gave himself a cramp. HA. Wonder where he gets it. Holden kept insisting that he pick her up and spin her around and was quite angry when D started to get all the attention by going solo on the dance floor. There were certainly some impromptu break dancing moves that were a big hit.

I'm writing this from Denver where we are doing a shoot with Von Miller- the Denver Broncos guy. Flying back tonight and then my mom comes tomorrow! Yahoo!

These guys clean up pretty nice too. :-)