Stream of Consciousness.

Things that are on my mind...

1) TEEP is back. So Davis goes to Kids Club before and after school since his school starts at 9:10 and ends at 3:45. And he loves it. And his (and every other kid's) favorite person at kids club is a guy named Terrence Patrick, Teep for short. Picture a 35 year old guy in cargo pants, always with a soccer jersey on from another country, with the kindest, slowest speaking voice, who really pauses to hear every word that you are saying, and makes sure he is waiting for you to hear every word he is saying...and that is Teep. And Davis (again, among many kids I'm sure) built quite the relationship with Teep last year. We also built a relationship with Teep and during frustrating times at home, Bennett and I would joke about how we wished Teep could raise our children. So imagine our dismay this summer when we heard he wasn't coming back? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was sad for days. Teep really understood Davis. And I would hear him handle challenges with Davis by saying things like "Listen Davis. I know it's hard. But if there is anyone that can do it- it's you. You are the hardest working kid I know. You have changed so much and I believe you can do this...I know you can do it." So I always knew that if something went wrong at Kids Club- Teep would be there. So again, cue the tears when I heard he was leaving for another job. We took a while to figure out how to tell Davis, and when we did, he was super disappointed. 

He's had some challenges at Kids Club this year - and each time I've wondered how things would have gone if Teep was still around. So. Monday am I took Davis to school and as we walked in, Davis shouted "TEEP! Teep is back!" I looked over and behind a swarm of small children, there he was, playing battleship with one lucky little girl. I went over to say hello- thinking that he was just visiting as he has done before- but when I asked him how his new job was going he said "No, I left. I'm back for good. It wasn't a good fit, and I just missed this place..." I was so excited. Everyone was so excited. Literally, as I left, nearly walking on air, I could hear all the children whispering and shouting "TEEP is back! He's back again! Teep is here to stay..."

Can you imagine having that impact on people? A good example of someone sharing their gifts and living their purpose. I love it.

2) Bennett and I went on a date a few weeks ago and pretended it was a first date. It started as a joke, but then we kept it up the whole meal. It was SO fun to ask questions and hear the answers fresh. To flirt or challenge each other like you just met. We laughed about it all night.

3) Halloween was great! Holden was Kylo Ren and Davis was a sword wielding skeleton.

Oh and then there was this guy- I'm not sure what he is calling this look...

4) On Tuesday nights Jenny picks the kids up and Bennett and I go to a 6:00 workout at Orange Theory together. It was so difficult last night, we felt like our arms were just going to give out. Afterwards we usually have a bite to eat somewhere. It's nice to have one night a week where you don't have to rush from work to get the kids, get home, do the routine, and then get back on your computer again. I'm super thankful for Jenny and Tuesday nights.

5) It's three weeks till Thanksgiving. And then it's a few more weeks until we go to Blake's wedding in Savannah. Oh and don't forget Murphy's wedding which is next weekend. I ran around the mall this weekend trying to find comfortable and wedding appropriate clothes for Davis. 

6) It's starting to get cold. The leaves are falling...and this year, we waited for all the leaves to fall in the back yard, which made for a really hard day on Sunday. Oy vey. The boys did most of it while Holden and I were at a birthday party, but we did help for a few hours when we got home.

7) Davis' birthday celebration starts Saturday. He invited about 10 friends to Skyzone- an indoor trampoline park for a few hours on Saturday afternoon to celebrate his birthday. Then Monday is his actual birthday- so we'll let him choose what we do for dinner, open gifts, and celebrate again. Lucky kid. Holden thinks he's going to give her some of his presents. 

Well- that's all I have for today. Hope you are having a good week!