Day Three.

My final post about Disney. And good thing because I have other things to talk about. :-)

PS Before I get into day three- I want to write this down because a) i don't want to forget it and b) it will make you laugh. So Holden calls her private parts her "pagina" - I think she got this from Penis having a "P" and I think it's so cute, I don't correct her. She doesn't say it that much, so it's sort of a non-issue. So imagine our surprise when the waiter at the nice seafood restaurant we dined in at Disney asked us if we would like to see a desert menu and Holden responded with: "THAT WOULD BE MUSIC TO MY PAGINA...!" with a giant grin. We all nearly spit out our drinks and the waiter blushed from ear to ear. I've never heard her say that phrase before- let alone pairing it the way she did. She is a hoot.

So are pics from our day at the animal kingdom park.

This made me (and everyone around us) laugh so hard. And she was so embarrassed when she realized what had happened- she cried. But I couldn't stop laughing. Oops.


Before the big Everest roller coaster ride. Bennett had to bribe him with three dollars to do it- and when they got started down the big drop, Davis looked at him and said "This is worth five, dad..." 

Holden was too short to ride- so I consoled her with an ice cream cone. Works every time.

Back at the hotel arcade later that night. Where Davis spent is hard earned $5.

Back at the animal kingdom lodge where we stayed- it was pretty cool that many of the employees there have come over from Africa- they've studied animals or environmental sciences and working at the animal kingdom afterwards is part of their internship program. Very authentic.

Thanks Disney. It was fun!