Ryder Cup.

So I guess the Ryder Cup is a pretty big deal. All of Minneapolis was abuzz about it. In fact, my office was incredibly quiet on Friday due to all the festivities. I guess it's pretty fun to have such a prestigious event take place here. Minneapolis is getting on the map. 

Anyway- Bennett was busy all weekend with the Ryder Cup. As you will see in pictures, he popped in occasionally, but mostly he was working (read: partying his brains out). 

So in the meantime, the kids and I made a few plans of our own.

Friday: B was in town for the Ryder Cup, so I left work early and met him and Davis for a quick drink at the Tavern. Then, I picked up the kids, and we went to Sarah's for a family sleepover. She has anxiety about staying by herself and I am sympathetic to that and usually get talked into staying over when she asks...but I think that was my last time. I'll stay late, but I want to sleep in my own home, in my bed, where my kids go to bed before 11:00 pm.

Saturday: In the morning, Jenny came to watch Davis and take him to gymnastics, while Holden and I drove to Blaine Minnesota for Rachel's bridal shower. I really had no idea what to expect- but it was so sweet that it was basically the bride and groom's family and Holden and I. They all oohed and aahed over Holden and talked about how much she looks like Ramona Quimby. "Acts like her too..." I would always add on.

Sunday: Kelley and I went to an early workout, then we met up with Krissy and her kids and went out to the orchard. It was unseasonably hot and incredibly packed- so it was just sort of okay- but it was a nice way to pass the time. Then in the afternoon, we met up with Kelley, Jack and Elsa at our neighborhood park, before going to go get groceries.

Late last night, B and Bennett got home, and OH the kids were so excited to see B. Davis was ecstatic! So the weekend is over, and I am tired. But I guess I tend to choose tired over bored. Bored will kill ya. Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone...

So this week, Bennett leaves for Dallas Wednesday, Honey flies in on Wednesday, and I leave for New York on Thursday. ZOINKS. Maybe this next weekend will be a bit more relaxed. I hope so.

Here are some pictures of all the activities in the meantime.


Any time we have done this- Brooks and Holden bunk together- and Davis sleeps with me, while Brooks' brother, Bennett, sleeps with Sarah. Ha.



Loving the gear from the Ryder Cup!


Bedtime snack with their best bud, B!

Hope you had a great weekend too! More to come.