It's Fall, Y'all.

And we had a great, low key (for us) weekend in Minneapolis to enjoy it. Friday night we had family dinner at Edina Grill...and then Saturday, we went to gymnastics, we did some things around the house, and we played Pokemon Go, walking around the neighborhood. It's a virtual reality game that you use on your phone and it's like a treasure hunt using Google Maps. Anyway- to a kid- it appears that Pokemon characters are hiding in your very neighborhood and then of course you have to find them and catch them.

Saturday night we went to dinner at this great restaurant, Tilia, and then we went to a housewarming party, and then out to the VFW for karaoke with Jenny, Ann Marie and Josh, whom we haven't seen in forever. 

Then today- we went to church, I planned Davis' birthday party (at Skyzone), read TIME magazine (I never get to read during the day!!!) and then we drove out to a pumpkin patch.

It was a really fun weekend. And I'm happy to be here- until Wednesday when we go to Disney!