I have started to write this post about ten times, but feel totally overwhelmed about how much I would need to capture in order to cover our Christmas trip in a fair way. So for now- lets just say it was fabulous and that some of the highlights were: karaoke for my birthday, seeing my grandparents, furniture/decor planning for our new house with nikki and my mom, and playing with my friends (and especially their kids) in Austin. 

So yes- we bought a house here in Minneapolis! It's been in the works for a while, but I really only started telling people over Christmas. It was a hard thing for me because I wanted to be happy about it, but I also felt sad, and I knew other people would be sad about it. But my friend, Carrie, summed the whole thing up well when she said "Sam. You live there. Lets not pretend you don't. It only makes sense to stop paying rent as long as you live there." And that's the exact truth. 

So that is the thing I am most excited about- and it was nice when coming back to the cold tundra to have this to look forward to. We close on the 15th of February, and move in by the 15th of March. We are doing some painting, new countertops, new floors, etc. between February and March and I am SOOOO excited about it all. My mom and Nikki helped us pick out some fab furniture from Red- maybe I will show you some pictures as we go along. In fact, here is a shot I took of the front of the house when we were there last. 

A few things to note: the landscaping is actually pretty cute- it just looks sad because of the snow. AND- the house is a light gray- it looks kind of beige here. Anyway- there are tons of great windows and skylights, and I will do a whole before and after post later. 

So that is exciting. And I'm happy to be back. Though I miss everyone in Texas- as always.

More later.