My Flower Girl.

As I mentioned, the highlight of my weekend was having dinner with Rachel on Saturday night. Whenever I talk about her, people say, "so how long have you known her?" and they are surprised when I explain that I just met her a couple years ago. BUT, I'm sure part of it is because she basically lived with us three days a week for almost a year, AND, sometimes you just meet people that you get, and that GET you in return. 

So anyway, we had dinner, and I got to hear all about her job and her upcoming wedding...AND, she sent a little package of donuts and a sweet card home with me, asking Holden to be her flower girl! :-) EEK! Holden was so thrilled- especially when she learned that she will get to wear a princess dress! And I was so excited that we will get to be a part of it all! I love weddings.

So that is really fun. I'm so excited- their wedding will be in November. 

Saturday- Brooks and Davis had their first rock climbing class. It was really cool to watch all the kids climb- they have no fear. All but about two of them had no fear, anyway. :-) 

Brooks and Davis are two peas in a pod. I am SO thankful for their friendship. Brooks is really the only consistent friend Davis has had here- and even though they are quite different- they seem to GET each other too. That's Brooks, with his hands on Davis' shoulders. Makes my heart happy.

And, I don't know who is the bigger goof ball. The instructors called their harnesses "diapers"... you can only imagine how much this cracked them up. 

Oh how refreshing to be known. Whether you're a six year old boy, or a 35 year old girl. Nothing feels as good as being understood.