Minnesota Winters.

Minnesota Winters can be beautiful. They can be cozy. But they can also be bleak. This weekend felt bleak. And lonely. And it's something you can't busy yourself out of. Believe me, I tried. I made a lot of plans this weekend- and even so- I have felt lonely in a way that surprised even me. I think most things are mind over matter, but I just couldn't shake it this weekend. And it reminds me how brave my mom was, being a single, stay at home mom, in South Dakota. She is/was one TOUGH COOKIE.

The highlight of my weekend was dinner with Rachel on Saturday night. Primrose had Parents Night Out, so for a couple hours, I got to relax and enjoy myself, while catching up with Murp Durp. She asked Holden to be her flower girl!!! We are both so excited!

Anyway- I DO have lots of fun pictures to share so- I'll upload them tomorrow. Hope you had a good, warm, and happy weekend.