Holden Did it First.

We had the Ohmes over on Friday- and basically let the kids run wild while we drank wine and ate fancy pizza. Every once in a while, Holden would come upstairs and tattle on one of the boys (usually her brother)- and I would say "Holden- they are rough housing- if you don't want to be pushed or shoved or anything like that- then you need to get out of their way..." 

Well, she certainly didn't do that. Instead, she just changed the game altogether. After a bit of silence, we started to hear so much shrieking and giggling downstairs. I went down there to see what was going on and walked in to find these naked white behinds.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I asked in mock surprise. HOLDEN DID IT FIRST! They all shrieked. It was Holden's idea! And as you can see by her smiling little face- that was absolutely true.

Oh Lawd give us strength when she is sixteen.