On Set.

I'm on set today- we're doing a small shoot here in Minneapolis, which is fun. Very laid back and lots of fun people- so it's not a bad way to spend a couple days. I feel like this week has flown by in just minutes! I'm excited that we don't have a million plans this weekend- just a few. D has a birthday party, I'm interviewing a few new babysitters, and then on Sunday, I'm getting together with Ellie and Bennett has a work dinner. Tomorrow- hopefully we will do some fun stuff and also prep a bit for the move. 

Our rental house is legit falling apart all of the sudden- seriously, door handles are falling off, a basement window broke, something in the furnace/water heater room is leaking all over the basement carpet, the faucet on the bathtub fell off- when the water was running- so that was cool. Anyway- we are so ready to move! We keep joking about how perfect life will be when we move. Like if we argue about something, one of us will then say "It won't be an issue in our new life." HA! One can dream...wherever you go, there you are, right?

Anyway- Holden has gotten wise to the fact that Davis crawls into bed with us every morning around 5. She has started doing the same- but the difference is that Davis accommodates other people's need for space. Holden does not. Girlfriend feels like everyone should move out of her way and there is nothing more frustrating to her than when her dad starts snoring. "DADDDYYYYYY- STOP! You're doing it again!" she says. So, it's kind of fun that the past two days, we have all woken up together. Now, I wouldn't want to sleep with them all night- but snuggling for an hour or two is pretty sweet. Plus, it's the only time they're quiet. They're so cute when they're asleep. ;-)

Anyway- here is a picture from the other night- they were watching Polar Express. They LOVE Polar Express. Have a good weekend!