Little Lover.

We all know that Davis has always been such a sweet and sensitive little soul- so loving and thoughtful. But I am still surprised that age 5, he has some serious feelings for a little girl in his class named Sloane. First let me describe Sloane- she has blunt bangs like Holden, stick straight brown hair to her shoulders, and she is the savviest little fashionista. In fact, when Davis got the Master Builder award, she got the Fashionista award. Girlfriend has style. But the sweetest thing is that when you ask Davis what he likes best about Sloane, he says, "She's really smart..."

So he has been liking her for a while and it has been the cutest thing to watch and listen to. We will be riding along in the car and he will say something like "I wonder what Sloane is doing today..." or "Sloane played with me today and it made me feel so good." About a month ago, they had a little play date and he had the time of his life...can't stop talking about it. 

Every once in a while he will say something like "Mom. I had a dream last night and it was a bad one...Sloane and I were kissing on the playground?!?!?!?!" And he just grins so big like he can't even stand the excitement. He used to tell me that he was going to marry me, but recently, he's been telling me "Umm, I actually think I'm going to marry Sloane when I grow up. And live with her. But I'll live next door to you." 

The only kink in their little relationship has been that occasionally Davis will come home and say something like "Mom. Sloane only wants to play with girls now. And I just wish she only wanted to play with me..." And we've had the same conversation over and over where at first I indulge him and try to make him feel better, and then when he just keeps repeating himself I said "Davis- girls are tricky. Give her her space. She'll come around. Don't be creeping and hanging around asking her all the time. You gotta move on. Play with your buddy, Brooks."

So, a week or two ago when Sloane had her last day at Primrose, Davis came home to tell me that Sloane was starting kindergarten and we talked forever about how he wished he was going to her school. It's all very sweet, really. What a very committed little loving boy. 


The first day of school when I picked him up, after telling me how great his day was, he looked at me frantically and said "MOM. Guess who goes here?" And he shot his little arm and pointer finger across the room- and there she was. Caroline. His old flame. 

Caroline is a year older than Davis and used to go to Primrose. They were in the same class for a while- and oh he had the biggest crush on her. She is a fair little girl with the most beautiful red hair. And he would talk about how pretty her hair was...occasionally we saw her at the pool and he was always so excited. But he hadn't seen her for over a year. 

Apparently, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. 

I looked at him, with the biggest grin and said "DAVIS BENNETT!! You can't have two girlfriends?!?!?!" And he got the biggest, proudest grin and said "Yes I can mom. I can have two girlfriends." I then said "Oh gosh, Davis. That will be so tough. One of them will say 'I'm Davis' best girl" and the other will say 'No, I'm Davis' best girl...'"

He couldn't stop grinning and then said "I'll tell them they're both my best girl. And I'll give them each $107 dollars." 

The best part about the whole situation is that he is just so happy about it, so proud, and loves to talk about it. You would think he would be embarrassed about it- but he's not. He loves it.

So one day, we're driving in the car and out of the blue he starts talking about Sloane, telling me the same story about how sometimes she just wants to play with girls- and how it makes him so sad..." I sort of cut him off and said "Davis. Lets focus on the positive things. You've got this great new're super happy..."

He quietly paused and then said (as serious as anything): "Yeah. Maybe I need to move on. I mean...Caroline IS at my school." I DIED laughing. 

What a little lover. He kills me.