Highlands Huskies.

Wow, what a week this has been. First the bad, then I'll finish with the good. 

Maddi's first day alone with the kids was on Monday. Maddi's LAST day alone with the kids was also on Monday. Oh geez. What a mess. I think she was a good person, but just seriously lacked maturity and common sense. Too many things to list, and enough for me to let her go without any back up. So that has been a bit of a mess this week- but I am feeling more optimistic about finding someone great after meeting with, and interviewing, new people. Gotta get this nailed down. 

But the good is SO good. Davis is sooooo happy with his new school. He is so proud of himself, and continues to tell me that each day was "SO SO good, mom." His teacher seems great, and the school is just so cool. He is a lucky dude. Here are some pictures...

Davis, with his teacher, Ms. Paulsen. 

Two things: a) we are both clearly a little unsure of the situation, judging by our half smiles...and b) i didn't realize how much we looked alike until this picture. unreal.

I had a meeting with his teacher on Monday, the day before school started. And when I left, I couldn't help but feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I felt so emotional about him going off to school- it somehow felt so different, even though he has been in "school" since he was two. And I couldn't sleep, and I just felt very uncomfortable. I think Davis felt the same way. I kept trying to get him excited about the next day, talking about different things he would do, asking him questions...and he continued to say things like "We don't have to talk about it mom..."

Luckily, I guess I got it all out of my system, because on the first day, I felt great. And so did Davis. He was so happy to be there. And so very clearly proud of himself. It was the best.

So that's that- and tomorrow I'll update you on his very busy love life. Two girlfriends?1?!