Sweet Hearts.

I want to remember two little things that Davis and Holden said recently...that made my heart melt. We finally found our missing iPad- Davis found it actually- and he could not have been more excited and proud of himself for finding it. It was wedged under the bed- and his shriek of joy could be heard round the world. 

We were all sitting on the bed, working to update the password, and Bennett asked him "Davis- what is your favorite thing? We'll use that as a password so you never forget it..." And he paused and thought and you could tell he was taking it very seriously when he said "To snuggle with my family." I thought he would say "Skylanders" or "Oreos" or something like that- but he was very intent in declaring that snuggling with us is his favorite thing. And it's so true. I've always said that he is like one of those 80s video game characters- where you can see the lines fill up as he finds his source of power. 

And the second thing I want to remember is that lately, as Holden and I are lying in bed, she will occasionally say to me "Lets say our prayers..." which is cute enough in itself, but even cuter is the fact that somehow, she has associated saying our prayers to me rubbing her tummy...so as she says that, she pulls up her shirt, and just waits for me to both say our prayers and rub her tummy. And I think she does like saying her prayers, but I think she might like me rubbing her tummy even more. Which I would do whenever she asked- but she doesn't ask- it's like a prayers only thing...which makes me smile.

So anyway, I was rubbing her tummy and saying our prayers and then I asked her if she wanted to say a prayer and what she said almost broke my heart right open on to the floor...

"Dear God," she said in her little pipsqueak voice "thank you for my mommy's beautiful heart..." (Yes, i almost died) "and thank you for my daddy, I love him, and for Davis, and for all the things...amen."

Oh I just adore her. It was the sweetest little prayer coming from the most sincere heart. I don't know that God finds anything more pleasing than sincere words coming from little sweet hearts.