Hello from Sunny California!

It took me 12 hours to get here yesterday- and I thought for sure my bags would be lost because I had to switch airlines- but after 12 hours, I got to LA, and my bags were waiting for me when I landed. It was a LONG day. But this shoot is one that we have been working towards since May. We are in LA shooting all of the holiday advertising for Best Buy. To put it in perspective for you- some of the brands I have worked on in my career have shot about 2-5 spots (commercials) per year. We are here to shoot 15 spots for holiday, alone. So, it's a three week shoot, and needless to say, it is a massive effort. I won't be here for all three weeks- I'm actually just here for a week, which is just right. One thing I am thankful for in my job is that every once in a while, when corporate life, or Minnesota weather gets intolerable, I get to jet out to LA for a few days...so I can't complain.

Anyway- that is what I am doing and why I might post less regularly...and honestly, that is why I have been less frequent leading up to today. It's been the biggest effort of my career...and I cannot wait for you all to see it come to life in November and December.

So there you go. But I do have some things to update you on, unrelated to that. As you know, I've been a bit down and a lot overwhelmed, and last week...things really started to come together. Things are in motion - and somehow we've gotten everything lined up to get our house on the market next week. Jerry is painting and power washing. Home Depot is carpeting, and Nikki came to our rescue big time by doing some landscaping. It looks amazing. We should have hired her when we lived there! :-) It really means so much to me that she has helped out- I know she is busy- and I know it's a pain...but being able to rely on her, has meant the world to me. In exchange, we are going to fly her up to Minne- so honestly it's a double win for me. :-) Of course little D is hoping she comes for his 6th birthday.

Also- Meg has been coming regularly and not only do the kids seem to love her- I come home to not just a picked up house, but a CLEANED house each Monday Wednesday and Friday. I am feeling pretty spoiled right now- I'm not going to lie. I've decided that I will work like a dog to have some help around the house- it's worth it! :-)

And then finally- we are trying Davis on some new meds per the doctors suggestion and though it's only been 7 days- I feel like he is finding a more even, happy temperament. She said we need to check in in 10 days- and that we will be able to see the full effect in 3-4 weeks. I am HUGELY optimistic. We met with his teacher last week and she talked to us a lot about the different things they are saying and doing at school that we can mirror at home. They use language around needs- everyone has needs that they want to be met- or need to meet- but there are many ways to meet those needs and we have to work hard to choose the right things to help us be successful. And honestly, it's like a light bulb goes off when you can get ahead of it with Davis and say "Davis- I see you would like to do X- there are two ways you can go about it...(the more destructive way) or (the kind, smart, good choice way)...which are you going to choose?" Or "Hey Davis- I want you to be successful- how can we work on this situation so that next time you are more successful?" Or "Hey Davis- I think there might have been a better choice than X...next time, what do you think you might do?"

Might sound silly- but you can visibly see it compute with him. And his teacher made us feel like he is well accepted in the class and certainly not the only one with certain needs. In fact, that is a pillar of his school, everyone has different needs, everyone learns differently, and they are pretty open to trying new things to meet those needs. We are SO blessed that he got into that school. I mean, we left our parent/teacher meeting with chills on our arms.

So last week was good- and this week I am here- and Honey is en route to Minne because Bennett goes to Vegas tomorrow for two days. It takes a village. And here are some recent pictures!