In Common.

Today I worked from home. I haven't done that since I have worked at Best Buy- and it was a really great decision today. I needed to not be in the office. I needed some quiet, at my house, no kids, no Bennett, no nothing. I had meetings all morning and then I went to get my hair cut over lunch. The lady who does my hair here was referred to me by my friend, Krissy. And she does a great job...but I would never exactly call her friendly. I have always looked forward to getting my hair done- I've always been friends with my stylist...but not really here. We make small talk and then I read a magazine while she does my hair and that's about it. Today, I got started talking about Davis. And his ADHD. And as it turns out, she has a son in the fifth grade, and he has ADHD as well...

It was just casual talk at first. And then it really turned to a real conversation about how hard it is. And how angry you feel, and how sad you feel, and how guilty you feel, and how you have fear about things as small as the next time you invite a new family over- will he have a meltdown or do something rash?- to things as big as- will he get in trouble when he is older? And it was like we were friends all of the sudden. Or not even friends, really, but it was like we knew each other. And even...supported each other. At one point, she walked out to go to the bathroom, and then she quickly came back in and just blurted "You know, just thinking about how hard all of it was has my heart's really hard." 

And it was a great thing. An eye opening thing. A reminder that certain things, when shared in common, create new perspectives and even new relationships. And also that, women...maybe I can even go deeper and say, moms...really do cheer for each other. At least most do. When you strip down all the small talk and you start talking about real things- you begin to see who people really are.

It's like a new way to look at the world, really. What layer would be peeling if you shared just a bit more of yourself? Who might you know, who might know you, if you paused for a minute and got real? 

It was really helpful to talk to her. And I also like my hair. :-)

And here are some pictures Claire sent me Monday. Holden really wanted to meet her kitties, so they went to see them, and then later, as you can see, the little mermaid took a trip to the park. Claire's last day is tomorrow, and Meg's first day is tomorrow. Ready to get in a groove. For sure.

Also. We're selling our house in Texas. Just kind of decided this week. For many reasons. And I have such a peace about it. That's how I know it's what we're supposed to do. I think I have foolishly always seen that house as my safety net. I knew that when we move back, we wouldn't live there, but I liked owning it...because it felt like security. But I don't need that anymore. And that feels like progress, and growth to me. I don't have control, I don't want control, and I don't need to hang on to my house there to feel like I will be able to "get back" when I want to. 

When it's time to go back...we'll get back. In the same, unbelievable way that we got here. And I'm just going to be honest, I feel really proud of myself.