First things first- the biggest, most exciting thing that happened last weekend was Davis' first outdoor soccer game. He's been saying he wants to play soccer- but I sort of felt like if it was like any of the other team sports we have tried (t-ball, indoor soccer, basketball) that he would get out there and be bored in about 5 minutes. I WAS SO WRONG. He was so into it. And honestly- he was so good. He kept breaking away from the crowd- and kicking the ball straight down to the other goal. And then he played goalie and blocked 4 of 4 shots. I could not believe his focus and excitement. Even in the goalie box. I think the coach put him there because he was a bit of a ball hog- I mean, passing is not really a priority when you are five. So the coach put him in the goalie box and he was squatting low and cheering on his team wildly. As Bennett said "So many veins were popping out of his neck..."

It was so fun to watch- and he felt so proud of himself. Maybe he's found his sport. Or maybe it's a phase and that's fine too. This weekend Holden starts ballet and I'm so bummed how many times her ballet and his soccer overlap. I guess Bennett and I will take turns. Anyway- here is a picture of Davis, Brooks and Bennett. They aren't on the same team this year- Davis is on the Galaxy team and the Ohme boys are on the blue team. This could be a big reason why Davis was so able to focus. Whatever works!

Secondly- Holden has been having a really hard time with the transition from Murphy to someone new. And while Claire, the temp, has been great...I think she is really only interested in temping. So, yes, we are still on the lookout for the perfect modern day Mary Poppins nanny. I met someone great last night- so I feel hopeful. It will be nice to get in a groove. 

And I also feel more optimistic about Davis- I met with our pediatrician yesterday for Holden's three year well-check and also gave the doctor a heads up about Davis and some of the  challenges we're having with him- and she is going to get me in this Friday and said she feels confident we still have many things to try that felt good too.

Okay so anyway- I gotta go. Things are looking up. Here are some more pictures!

Pre-picture haircut this weekend...

At the doctor's appointment yesterday...

20/20 vision!


Just waiting to get her reflexes checked! More tomorrow...