Girls Only!

You know Holden loves her girls only outings- so she was quite happy when I told her we were going to have a morning play date with Kelley and Elsa at the park. We went to this cute little park that has a wading pool. It's the most genius thing- the whole wading pool is about 1-2 feet deep, and it's fenced in. So what this means for moms is that you can actually engage in conversation with your friend, without constantly looking with your side eye to make sure no one is drowning. It's awesome. And they loved it- so it was a win-win. Kelley and I just chatted for about two hours and had so much fun. I really like her and I'm so glad we are getting to know each other. 

Elsa and Holden just got the last two spots in this fairly new ballet studio in our area- much thanks to Kelley as she knows the owner. Anyway- I can't wait to watch them be ballerinas in their little pink outfits. Holden is going to LOVE watching herself in that mirror. I hope the teacher will be able to get her attention. Ha.

Anyway- after that- Holden and I stopped for lunch and I snapped this cute picture of her. 

She had a mouthful of strawberries- her favorite. 

Then we had a little more girl time because Nate offered to take Davis to the Twins game with him and Brooks. Sunday was actually super hot, so those little Minnesotans didn't last too long in the stands, but they had a great time anyway. And I was able to read. Have I told you that I am newly obsessed with the Kennedys? I am reading "The Death of a President" and I am obsessed. I am probably going to have to quit my job, become a hermit, and devote my life to unveiling the truth about the Kennedy assassination. 

When Davis DID get back, Holden talked him into being her faithful steed. As you can see, he was not so impressed with the situation. Ha.

Today he is back at school and his class went to the Humane Society. I can't wait to hear about it. Tomorrow they go to a play. Very cool. Lucky kids.