Big Things.

Davis starts kindergarten on the 1st of September! I cannot even get into the emotional part of that yet- so lets just start with the functional. SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I was talking to my grandma Monday night and we were reminiscing about how important shopping for school supplies was for me and how you couldn't just go to one store- you had to go to MANY stores to make sure you got all the right things and made all the right choices. So as you can imagine- I have been really excited to think about Davis' school supplies. Saturday morning, Bennett went to play golf with a friend, so the kids and I went for donuts and we also decided to go backpack shopping. Oooh, they loved this new donut shop we tried out. Holden ate more than Davis and I combined. She had to try each one! And she would say "MMMM MMMM" after each bite.

Anyway, back to the point: backpacks. A backpack is a very key part of the school supply process. It really sets the tone for your school vibe. Because Davis is 5, I feel responsible for helping guide this decision. I want him to be excited about his back pack and really feel a sense of ownership in it...BUT, lets be honest...I also don't want him to choose a plastic minions backpack. And because he is 5, I was certain that that was the only thing he would want. So I stacked the deck and took him to Scheels instead of Target, which is an outdoors/sports type shop. This was a BRILLIANT call on my part. So many bright colored, sporty options to choose from. He was super excited. Okay to be honest, he did say at one point "I really want one with the people on it- the people from the movies..." To which I responded: "Why don't we get one of these sporty big boy backpacks and we'll get a lunchbox with the 'people' on it."

So he hemmed and he hawed, and asked me which one I would choose. And then he looked at himself in the mirror from different angles, with a giant grin on his face, and made a GREAT selection:

It was so much fun. And of course, Holden felt that SHE needed a backpack...and while I narrowly dodged that bullet, she did end up with a Hello Kitty lunchbox that she carries around like a purse or briefcase, full of her toys.

So anyway- another big thing is that Murphy's last day as our nanny is approaching. She will finish up just as Davis starts school and just as another nanny joins us. Who will that nanny be? I'm not really sure just quite yet, but my friend Kelley, just used a service to find her nanny and she has been super pleased, so yesterday I had a consult with these people.

I felt like she was a modern day Mary Poppins. She smelled good, her hair was pulled in a bun and she was wearing pearls. She walked through an hour long presentation of how she was going to make my life amazing, and by the end of it, I was like "DONE. I'll buy whatever you are selling, lady."

So it's individually owned and they have a database of nannies that are background checked, criminally checked, driver's department checked, drug-checked, interviewed, etc and they come with references. And you are guaranteed for a year- or they will re-match you. AND- if your nanny gets sick or you need someone on your nanny's off day- they just send someone over. AND they will supply you with babysitters. All for a one time flat fee. And it's sort of a big fee- but if you amortize it over time and think about what it's worth- it's a no-brainer. SO I'm very excited. I will have a few interviews next week already.

So lots of change happening at our house- new schools, new nannies, new routines...and/but I am very excited. I feel like we're getting into a real groove. Like our first year was just survival, our 2nd was a true test, and our 3rd is a bit more settled. I feel very thankful. More tomorrow!