Off My Game.

It could be that I left my two little ones with a new nanny today- whom Davis seemed to be running circles around, as I left. Or it could be that tomorrow I will send Davis off to kindergarten, at a new school, with a new teacher, and lots of big, new, kids. Or it could be that we're in the thick of holiday at work and I feel totally overwhelmed and like more often than not, I can't even mentally manage all the things right in front of me, let alone get ahead. But all of these things are weighing me down, making me feel insecure, and like I'm just totally off my game. And it feels horrible. 

I try to remind myself that everyone feels this way from time to time- even the most successful people I know. But it's hard to not feel like crap about it when you're in the middle of it. 

I have not been able to sleep for the past 3-4 nights, my head is just constantly swimming, so I'm sure that isn't helping things. What I need is a spa day. But who has time for that? Not me. :-) Ha!

But we did have a great weekend. Here are some pictures. 

I took Davis to Target on Saturday while Holden was napping. He found some Ninja Turtle jammies he couldn't live without. When we got home, Holden saw them in the Target back, and said "Oh, are those for Davis?" so excited for him. When I said yes, she looked right at me and said "What did you got for me?" So inevitably, on Sunday, we went back and she picked this little number and wore it ALL day. With some amazing accessories.

Then we went to the Mall of America to get some new shoes for school (for Davis) but guess who else felt she needed some new shoes? Holden. Ha! In this picture, I asked them to stick their foot out and show off their new shoes. This is what I got:

Have a good week!