98 to 68

When we left Minneapolis last Wednesday the 19th, it was summer. When we returned on the 23rd, it was fall. We stepped off the plane and felt an amazingly crisp breeze that surprised us after sweating all weekend. And I'm sad that it is that time of year- but going to Texas in August reminded me that the end of summer isn't the worst thing that can happen to me. But oh did we have fun in Texas. It was so great to see my mom, Nikki, my grandparents, my friends...we had a blast. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.


Courtney and Bs little boy, Weston, has gotten so big. He is just the cutest little towhead you have ever seen. It was so fun playing with him.

We had a GREAT time. And then we got home and I went to LA Wednesday through Friday. So I'll fill you in on the weekend and everything I've been thinking about (kindergarten, work, new nanny, oh my) this week. It's a big one.