A Hink In My Ear.

So Davis has a tooth crank, and yesterday, while Holden was ferociously rubbing her ear, she announced to me that she was rubbing it because she had a "hink in my ear..." 

"A What?" I said.

"A hink in my ear. It's when your ear feels like you need to rub it."

Another amazing saying that Bennett and I will both be adopting and using whenever we can. They are so funny, those beans. And they are SO thrilled to be flying to Texas on Wednesday. Me too. We just cannot wait to see everyone! 

So this weekend was great- I think we found our nanny. We interviewed someone Saturday morning that was really great. Beyond having a strong feeling about her, when she asked me if Holden was named after Holden in "Catcher in the Rye" and then went on to say it was her favorite book...I was sold. So we made her an offer today and hopefully she accepts. I mean, I'm running out of time, people. Rachel's last day is next Friday. And I am SO pleased to share that she got a full-time job offer in marketing last week. She was so excited, I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED! So, I feel like for the most part, everything is falling in place. And it's a good thing. Because I started having that dream where your teeth are falling out, basically crumbling out of your mouth, and if you haven't had that dream, it's the worst and you never ever ever want to have it. And it's a sign of stress. So, as I'm able to check these big things off, I feel so much more relaxed. 

Also- going to a beer festival and sampling up to 100 beers helps. We met Ellie, Derrick and Ellie's brother Ethan, who is the main guy behind their brewery at the Beer Dabbler in St. Paul. It was the hottest day of the summer- 93 degrees- and people were worried they were going to melt. It was not so bad for us- but I will admit- it WAS humid. Beer helped.

Sweaty but happy. Why can I never figure out where to look? It's a mystery. 

Also, everyone who is not an amateur, brought a necklace made of pretzels so they could drink a beer sample, eat a pretzel, drink a beer sample, eat a pretzel. And some people went above and beyond...like this guy. I was so jealous. And clearly he just has good style in general...

Then Sunday was rainy- which I sometimes love- except that it was THE LAST DAY THE WATERPARK WAS OPEN. And I feel too sad to really talk about that. So- I just trekked on and we did some other fun things. Like...

Davis went with me to return some pants to Anthropologie. And of course we had to try on hats and stop by the nearby water fountain. And buy lemon heads and a whoopie cushion. Duh.

And then after naptime, Holden and I went to get our nails done. It was so much fun, and she felt sooo special. She sat next to me and was patient for over an hour and a half. And she kept looking at me randomly, grinning, and saying "I love you mama." I would say that I will probably never get to go by myself again, BUT, she peeled her polish off in the bath (less than an hour later) so she is on probation. 

She chose some little Disney princess dolls with dresses you can take on and off with the $10 Honey sent her and OMG! she is obsessed with them and brings them everywhere with her in her Hello Kitty lunchbox.

Not spoiled at all...

Admiring her nails. She chose purple for her fingers and a hot pink for her toes. Who is surprised? Not me. We had a great day, for sure. It was a special little outing. And now we feel fine and fancy for our trip!